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by AD, Portsmouth


“What does it mean to be human? We live in a world full of names, titles and roles, responsibilities and limitations. Labels. Sometimes they can be helpful… but at times they feel like straitjackets.

Key workers - I applaud you all, but that is also a label. A category. A segregation. It helps us figure out what to do, and it isolates too. Covid-19 has allowed for some stillness - an opportunity to look at our neighbours not as neighbours, but as human beings, as individuals. To look at our doctors and nurses as human beings before their job titles. To look at our binmen and women, supermarket staff, garage workers and so many more 'key' workers and appreciate that they are human beings, before their job titles. We’ve also been given a chance to fully acknowledge those who are different. And those who are vulnerable and are trying so hard to stay safe and self-isolate, without connecting with other people; it's so hard!

We live in such a beautiful world. The virus has allowed for an opportunity to see each other as one humanity, where right here, right now there is space and time for kindness to actually occur. Isn't that incredible? I met my neighbour of 19 years last week for the first time. Isn't that crazy?

We’ve been handed a fresh space for people to be present, kind, compassionate, thoughtful. The connection of us all, to each other - that's got to be what it really means to be human.”

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