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by SH, London


“When I worked I very rarely dreamed. Or at least I didn’t remember them. Now I dream every night and in ultra HD.

Rarely are they happy adventures in dreamland. Most are straight from Stephen King’s mind. Usually, they have me or my family in some emotional or physical jeopardy. I have been lost in the crowd. I haven’t been able to find my class at university. I have kissed my dad only to find it wasn’t him. I have been shot at repeatedly. I can’t see my children. Or my wife. I have to run for my life from bad guys. I have watched my mum die again. I have gone to the office but everyone stood too close (no guesses from where that came). I have died in my sleep.

My imagination is over-rested and permanently restless. I can feel it racing away. I hope by bringing all of my subconscious into the bright light of day, it calms again. And sweet, comforting sleep returns.”

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