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Running Scared
by SH


“I’ve always been a runner. It’s interesting how runners interact with you as you pass on paths and pavements. Some nod, some smile, others just keep their heads down. It varies by place - on the coast or in the country you get plenty of salutes. It also varies by time. Early in the morning there is a ‘clubby’ feel as runners of all persuasions enjoy the shared experience. The weather also has a say. If you are mad enough to be trudging along in the rain, your fellow sufferers send you empathetic signals.

But this nasty virus has introduced a new wariness. Of course, we all now must keep our distance, but it seems to me you catch each other’s eye much less. There is a not so subtle sizing up beforehand - ‘might they have the bug?’ So in spite of being a relatively reserved runner to date, I have adopted a new Corona strategy. I now give other runners a little wave. My reward is everybody waves back. It’s funny how swiftly behaviours can change, but also how easily they can be put right.”

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