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by TC, London


"I’ve been doing some volunteering for the lonely souls who live alone and are self isolating at this time in London. It’s heartbreaking to see the city they live in go quiet on them and be off limits.


For a moment put yourself in the shoes of the lonely and vulnerable who used to live for those chance encounters with the passersby on the street; the people who thrived off the smiles from strangers, chats with shopkeepers or local cafe owners. They’re the forgotten ones that life hasn’t left with many friends and family. Who left their house to keep themselves sane, love living in a city for people watching and chance encounters.


So now and when this is all over and you're busy yourself please spare a thought for the number of people who thrive off the incidental interactions that this quarantine has stopped. That stranger in the pub chatting to you, the person who needs more than to ask for directions, the person on the park bench that you can spare a smile."

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